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The Bacca Vital product line includes juices, jams, desert sauces, marmalades, shampoos and soaps, made of sea buckthorn and saskatoon berries from our own cultivation. The products are sold in attractive and practical packaging.

An example of the Bacca Vital product series; frozen saskatoon berries;

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Bacca Vital sea buckthorns and blueberries are also a part of our frozen berry series.



Sea Buckthorn Juice, 265ml
Cranberry Juice, 265ml
Saskatoon juice, 265ml

Juices / Cordial
Blueberry Cordial, 100%, 320ml
Cranberry Juice, 265ml
HEALTH DRINK – Saskatoon – Sea Buckthorn – Blueberry 320ml
Saskatoon Juice, 320 ml
Sea Buckthorn Cordial, 100%, 320ml
Sea Buckthorn Cordial, 100%, 500ml
Sea Buckthorn Juice sweetened with honey, 265ml
Strawberry Juice, 320 ml

Berry Smoothie, unsweetened, 265ml
Berry Smoothie, sweetened, 265ml
Carrot & Berry Smoothie, 265ml
6 in 1 – Smoothie

Saskatoon Jam 300g
Cranberry- Sea Buckthorn Jam 300g
Sea Buckthorn – Lingon Berry Jam 300g

Desert Sauces
Sea Buckthorn – Strawberry Desert Sauce 290g

Shampoos & Soaps
Sea Buckthorn – Strawberry Shampoo 200ml
Strawberry Shampoo 200ml
Sea Buckthorn Shampoo 200ml
Sea Buckthorn Soap 150g

Frozen Berries
Sea Buckthorns 500g
Saskatoons 500g
Blueberries 500g

Are you interested in becoming a reseller of our products? Please contact us via e-mail: info(at)bacca.fi or via telephone: +358 (0)50 563 1666.

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