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Bacca bär marjat

Oy Bacca Ab (Petsmo Berries) is a company that cultivates and sells their own berry products. The products are also sold through resellers in Finland. Our product assortment consists of tasty, nutritional products, that are suitable the whole family; juices, jams, mulled juices, smoothies, dessert sauces, marmalades and soap products. We began our ecological berry cultivation in the year 2000, and currently the cultivation encompasses 13 ha.

You might wonder where our product name Bacca Vital originates from, Bacca is the Italian word for Berry i.e. Vital Berries!

Familiarize yourself with our berries:

[one_fourth] saksatoon[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]SASKATOON- A superfood with health promoting properties

As a result of its health promoting properties and especially due to the high level of antioxidants, the saskatoon berry is one of our healthiest berries. The berry’s taste is sweet and similar to the taste of blueberry.  The Bacca Vital Saskatoon berries are sold in convenient 500g packages, which you can find in the frozen food section. Also the Saskatoon Juice and Saskatoon-Sea Buckthorn Jam are a part of the Bacca Vital product assortment. The Saskatoon berry originates from Canada and North USA and came to Finland in 1995. Our saskatoon berry cultivation currently encompasses 1,5ha.

The saskatoon berry has proven to be an excellent health product as it contains various vitamins, fibers, healthy fats, polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants, that improve the immune system, decrease the risk of diabetes and promote healthy digestion. In addition to this, the berries can aid in other, more specific health problems. The proanthocyanidins and antioxidants have shown to prevent the growth of cancer cells, heart disease, and premature ageing. During examinations of the saskatoon berry it has become evident that the cyanides present in the berries can help decrease fat storage in the body’s tissue.


[one_fourth]havtorn[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]SEA BUCKTHORN – Rich in vitamins!

Our sea buckthorn cultivation began in 2000 and encompasses about 8 ha. The berry’s antioxidants support the immune system, eye health, and have anti-aging properties. Moreover, the berries’ components decrease the blood’s cholesterol level, regulate blood fat, support cardiac function, strengthen cell walls, reduce pain, regulate the endocrine system, and have strong anti-inflammatory effects, even in bones and joints. In the cosmetic industry the berries are used to produce Sea Buckthorn Oil due to their anti-ageing and tissue regenerating effects. This delicious berry is also used in the food industry, and only your imagination sets the limits for what it can be used for. The berry can be recommended as an ingredient in Sea Buckthorn Parfait, and in Sea Buckthorn – Strawberry Dessert Sauce, which is perfect with vanilla ice cream. [/three_fourth_last] [one_fourth]jordgubbe[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]STRAWBERRIES – And more!

Our cultivation also contains strawberries of the type Mara des Bois. Also aronia, highbush blueberries and sweet cherries are cultivated in smaller amounts. [three_fourth_last]


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