Healthy and Tasty Berries!

Have you tasted SASKATOON berries ? These, still somewhat unknown berries in Finland originate from Canada and the North USA, and are considered to be one of our healthiest berries. Bacca Oy Ab began their saskatoon berry cultivation in 2002. Currently, this cultivation encompasses 1,5 ha. On top of this, big amounts of highly vitamin rich SEA BUCKTHORN BERRIES, strawberries, and smaller amounts of blueberries and sweet cherries.

"Juices, jams & marmalades made from berries
from our own cultivation."


saksatoonSASKATOON –  with health promoting benefits

Since 2002, we have been growing our own saskatoon berries on Bacca farmyard.  Owing to the saskatoon berry’s extensive health promoting benefits and especially to its high amount of antioxidants, the saskatoon berry is considered a superfood, and to be one of our healthiest berries. 

havtornSEA BUCKTHORN- rich in vitamins!

Our sea buckthorn cultivation began in 2000, and currently covers about 8 ha. Sea buckthorn is very rich in antioxidants, which support the immune system, promote eye-, and skin health, as well as decreases the blood’s cholesterol level, regulates blood fat and supports cardiac function and strengthens cell walls.

STRAWBERRIES – And some more!

We also have a strawberry cultivation of the Mara des Bois type, which originates from France.

Aronia berries, bush blueberries and sweet cherries are also a part of our cultivation, although these are cultivated on a smaller scale.



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