AB Bacca OY (Petsmo Berries) is a company that grows and markets its own berry products. We also have a couple of partners that sell our frozen berries and juice in Finland. Our range consists of good, nutritious different berries, juices and berry powder and more. We started our organic berry cultivation in 2000 and it now covers about 20 hectare.

You may be wondering where our product name Bacca Vital comes from? Bacca is the Italian word for berry and Vital means viable, ie viable berries!

Feel free to get acquainted with our “superfruit berries” down below:


– Plenty of vitamins!

Our sea buckthorn cultivation began in 2000 and covers about 10 hectares. Antioxidants in sea buckthorn juice support immune system, eye health, have antisenila (anti-aging) properties, lower blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood fats, supports the health of your hearth, strengthen cell walls, or membranes, regulate endocrine function, have strong anti-inflammatory effect, also in joints and bones, reduce pain . In the cosmetics industry, sea buckthorn oil is used as an anti-aging agent and which stimulates tissue regeneration.


This delicacy can be used in all food areas only the imagination sets limits. Can be recommended e.g. sea buckthorn parfait and sea buckthorn sauce on vanilla ice cream.



– a superfruit berry with health-promoting properties!

Thanks to its health-promoting properties, and especially thanks to the high content of antioxidants, saskatoon berries can be considered in the category “Super fruits” and are then one of our healthiest berries. Bacca Vital Saskatoon berries are sold in handy 500 gram and 200 gram boxes that you will find in the freezer counter.

The Bacca Vital product range also includes e.g. Saskatoon jam. The taste of the berries is sweet and reminiscent of a mix of grape, cherry and blueberry.

The Saskatoon berry originally comes from the northern USA and Canada. Saskatoon came to Finland in 1995 and Bacca (Petsmo Bär) started growing the berries in 2002. Our cultivation currently consists of 1.5 hectares. The Saskatoon berry has proven to be an excellent health product. The berry contains a wide variety of vitamins, fiber, healthy fats, polyphenols, flavanoids and antioxidants, which improve the immune system, reduce the risk of diabetes and promote digestion. In addition, the berries can help with other more specific health problems. The proanthosyanides and antioxidants contained in the berries have also been shown to prevent the growth of cancer cells, heart disease and premature aging. During the examinations of the berries, it has also been noticed that the cyanides in the berries can reduce the fat storage in the body’s tissues.


a European superberry!

Black berries growing in clusters on bushes. The berries are good to eat as such, some may experience a little bitterness in the taste.

Very healthy berries that contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Aronia has a long history behind it as a medicinal plant and is said to help the body with; balance blood pressure, better blood circulation, stabilize blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, good for eyesight, etc.

Read more at: http://aroniainfo.se/

Try cooking an aronia jelly, why not mix in a little apple as well, goes well with meat dishes.

Tip! Try our aronia powder to mix in a smoothie! Also try our fresh aronia ready-to-drink drink that is suitable drink for the meal or cool refreshing on a hot summer day.


 – Garden Blueberry

The berries are large, blue and sweet and good to eat as such. With a dark exterior that resembles forest blueberries but the flesh is light.



 also called honey berry is an elongated blue berry that is very reminiscent of blueberries in color and taste. The taste is more sour and more intense than blueberries.

Blue honeysuckle gives an early harvest in the year, the berries ripen in early July.

Originating in Canada and Asia. In Japan, the berry is very popular and is called haskap, which means “the berry that gives long life and good eyesight” (https://haskapberries.com/haskap/what-is-haskap).

Blue honeysuckle tea contains the most antioxidants of all berries, even large amounts of vitamins C.

It is possible to use blue honeysuckle instead of blueberries, so e.g. in pies, smoothies, on yoghurt, for jams and juices etc.

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